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A large number of our sites make ideal filming backdrops.

Foirm Iarratais Scannánaíochta agus Grianghrafadóireachta

If the site you wish to enquire about is not on the list, you are welcome to contact us.

Filming and/or photography at a National Monument or historic site can only take place with prior written permission issued through your OPW liaison contact.


The length of time required to plan a piece of filming and issue permissions will vary based on the details and complexity of your proposal. For example, we may be able to accommodate a very small crew with only handheld equipment in under 10 working days. If your proposal involves equipment or arrangements that could potentially impact the built or ground structure of the site, specific consents will be necessary. Where this additional consent is sought, a minimum of three months is advised for the paperwork, but productions should get in touch as early as possible to ease the process.

Requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis taking in to account factors such as likely visitor numbers, existing scheduled events, planned maintenance work and site-specific sensitivities such as access, masonry, or wildlife habitats.

Fees & Remediation Deposits

Fees will apply to all filming except Promotional Filming or Student Filming. For details on how we define Promotional Filming, see Section 4. If additional staffing is required to facilitate Promotional Filming, we will charge for these costs. For all other types of filming, prices start from € xxx for 2 hours on site. All fees are subject to negotiation based on the details of your request.

Additional charges may be applicable depending on your requirements. For example, the cost to OPW Heritage Services of providing additional staffing to supervise your filming or loss of admissions income if the site needs to close to visitors. Other elements that carry additional charges include:

Remediation Deposit: Should we judge that your filming poses a risk of damage to an OPW heritage site, a refundable remediation deposit will be required prior to commencement of filming. The level of deposit and responsibility for before and after conditions surveys will be negotiated prior to permissions being issued, based on severity of potential damage. This may be as simple as taking photographs of the ground conditions before and after or may be more complex according to the details of your filming. If no damage occurs the full deposit will be refunded to you by an agreed date at the end of the filming. If any remedial works are required at OPW expense, these will be deducted and the balance refunded.

Cancellation Fee: Once filming arrangements have been confirmed and your Permission Letter issued, cancellation will incur a charge of half the agreed fee. Cancellation with less than 48 hours’ notice will be charged the full agreed fee. 

Regrettably, there are certain themes of filming/photography which cannot be accommodated.

Political filming – OPWs remit is the Caring Maintenance preservations and presentation for our sites on behalf of the Irish Government. As such we must remain strictly politically neutral at all times. For this reason we do not allow any filming of a political nature whatsoever.

Paranormal filming – The OPW does not promote the use of its sites for the investigation of alleged paranormal activity and we do not allow activities that might damage the integrity of the site. Filming requests of this nature are unlikely to be granted permission.

Inappropriate filming – The OPW will not permit requests for filming that are deemed unsuitable insofar as they do not align with the organisation’s objectives or are considered to be blasphemous, salacious or derogatory in nature.

Contact Information

If you are interested in filming at an OPW heritage site, please complete the online permit application process and select the site you wish to film/ photo.

Promotional Filming

OPW Heritage Services defines filming as Promotional, where our organisation and our sites are being directly promoted as places to visit, as opposed to media exposure only.

Filming commissioned by Irish tourism partners may be considered as Promotional, depending on content.

Filming for factual, non-dramatised productions with a primary focus on the history of a site(s) may be classed as Promotional Filming, but this is at our discretion and can be further discussed with your filming liaison contact at OPW.

Promotional Filming will typically only be considered under the following parameters, to reduce impact on site(s):

Drone Filming

The use of UAEs/ drones is prohibited at all OPW heritage sites. However, requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and are subject to the following:

Further information may be obtained from the Irish Aviation Authority website

For clarity, please note that all other filming guidelines in this document also apply to UAV filming.

The Application Process

Filming requests are processed through discussion and negotiation, but the key steps are as follows:

Please provide as much detail as possible when completing the initial form: proposed dates and times, potential locations, content and nature of the script, detailed description of any equipment to be brought on site, set dressing, number of vehicles, cast, crew and extras.

Any questions, concerns or issues are discussed at this stage to determine whether your request can be accommodated at our site(s). At this point we will be able to confirm whether or not we can take your request forward. All being well an informal agreement will then be reached.

When all agreements are in place, we will issue our Terms & Conditions document. This must be signed and returned in full before filming can take place. No changes to our contract, of any nature, will be accepted and the document must be signed as presented in order to proceed.

Following this, your Permission Letter will be issued and filming can commence as agreed.

Invoices will be issued to you as agreed. For larger or complex productions this may mean a payment prior to commencement of filming and/or a refundable remediation deposit.

Student Filming Requests for Educational Projects

OPW Heritage Services recognises the educational benefit of accommodating filming projects for students of media and other subjects. We will consider student requests, applying many of the same processes as for other clients, but with some modifications. Your project will need to meet the following requirements:

A nominal administrative fee of € 50 will be charged for facilitating your project. If additional staffing is required either to provide access to the site outside normal opening hours or to specifically supervise the filming, we will need to charge the cost of this back to your project. Fees can be invoiced to either the individual student or educational institution provided written consent to the fees has been provided by your course organiser.

As with all filming requests, submitting your request as far in advance as possible is strongly advised for the best chance of obtaining permission.

Permission granted and acknowledgements/ copyright

All images used of OPW heritage sites must be acknowledge as follows:

Images courtesy of the OPW.

OPW must be credited in the production titles for their assistance in the making of the programme/film/series and the OPW mark included where possible.

Privacy Notice

All information requested is for the sole purpose of processing your application. We do not collect personal information for commercial marketing or distribution to private organisations. It may be necessary from time to time to pass your contact information on to trusted third parties in order to assist with the processing of your application, such as our statutory agency partners, e.g. An Garda Siochána, as long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential.

Access to any non-public personal information that you provide will be restricted to only those employees who need to know that information to process your application.

It is our policy to retain collected information for a five year period after which your information will be disposed of securely.

Contact our Data Protection Officer on dpo@opw.ie

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