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There will be some changes to the visitor experience for the safety of our visitors and our staff. Each site will have specific measures in place to keep everyone safe, which may include specific routes to follow, a limit on the number of visitors and not opening certain parts of some sites.  Visitors are strongly encouraged to avail of pre-booked ticketing at our most popular sites to ensure access and avoid disappointment.

Full details of proposed re-opening dates and changes to the visitor experience at each site are available on the individual site pages.

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Our staff are working hard to adapt our sites for reopening. We’re introducing a range of measures to help adhere to social distancing guidelines and hygiene standards.

The full list of sites for which you are strongly advised to book online is here:

We’re limiting the number of visitors to help everyone follow social distancing guidelines. At our most popular sites pre-booked time slots ensure that visits are spread out throughout the day, and that sites don’t exceed their safe capacity. The full list of sites for which you are strongly advised to book online is available here. You’ll receive your booking confirmation by email. Just bring this with you, either on your mobile device or as a print out. The email will contain a barcode that our team will scan when you arrive. If you have a valid Heritage Card, your ticket will be free, but you still need to book in advance for these sites.

Many more of our sites have reduced or free admission until the end of the year to encourage people to stay at home and take staycations and short breaks within Ireland, particularly over the next 6 months. Please see full list of sites with reduced or free admission here.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our sites safely, and so we ask that you respect the following before and during your visit:

View our closed sites list here.

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