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Aughnanure Castle Highlights (5)

  1. River Walk

    River Walk

    The scenic approach to Aughnanure Castle is one of the highlights of a visit to this site. Stroll along the leafy banks of the Drimneen River under a canopy of ash, hazel and hawthorn as it gently meanders towards the castle gatehouse. Here you can experience a unique, natural environment far removed from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Become immersed in nature where many species of flora and fauna make this river their home.

  2. Take A Guided Tour

    Take A Guided Tour

    Let our expert guides walk you through the Gaelic medieval period and discover the O’Flaherty’s journey as they transformed from kings to warrior lords during a time of profound change in Ireland. The story of the O’Flahertys is one of many stories of Gaelic ruling families in Ireland, fighting for survival in a time of major political upheaval. It was played out against a background of constant revolt and warfare in their adopted home of Iarchonnacht, and it was from here that the O’Flahertys played the starring role, unremitting in their determination to preserve their ancient way of life. Be transported back to a time of cattle raids, piracy and petty warfare as the guided tour showcases the jewel in the crown of the O’Flaherty’s building legacy that is Aughnanure Castle.

  3. Self-Guided Tour

    Self-Guided Tour

    Be immersed in the various stories of Gaelic medieval castle life and discover how the O’Flahertys ruled their vast kingdom from inside the walls of this impressive towerhouse. There are several information panels on each floor that will guide you through the building at your own pace. These informative, colourful panels in both English and Irish tell the story of Aughnanure Castle, the O’Flahertys and Gaelic medieval Ireland and can be accompanied by visitor’s guides in several languages, available for sale at reception. Feel free to explore the grounds at your own leisure, taking in the sights and sounds of the Irish countryside that surround you. Paths around the site facilitate visitors with reduced mobility and guides are always on hand to answer any questions.

  4. Deadly Defences

    Deadly Defences

    Explore all four floors of this towerhouse with its endless array of deadly defences and curiosities, offering a unique insight into the workings of a typical Gaelic castle. Discover how the murderhole defended the castle with deadly force and where enemies of the O’Flahertys were imprisoned in the secret chamber.

  5. Awesome Architecture

    Awesome Architecture

    Explore the impressive remains of the banqueting hall with its beautifully carved windows that hark back to an era of feasting and ritualistic gathering. Marvel at the stout stone walls and flanking towers that provided refuge to the family in times of raiding and war all set by the beautiful banks of the Drimneen River.

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