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Heritage Ireland

Grave Mapping at Ennis Friary

Find out what we discovered when we mapped all of the burials and memorials at Ennis Friary

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Recording the graves at Ennis Friary


Visit the unseen areas of Ennis Friary

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Night-time view of the back of the church at Ennis Friary

Lorg an Síséal

Lorg an Síséalthe mark of the chisel – is an exhibition which celebrates the OPW’s current and recently qualified apprentices and their mentors. See some of the fabulous pieces created by our apprentices and find out how they learn the traditional and ancient techniques needed to care for our most important monuments.

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Stone cutting by Joseph Slattery

Six Thousand Years of Learning

Six Thousand Years of Learning is an exhibition which explores the very varied types of education and knowledge transfer that have existed at our Heritage Sites for thousands of years. Discover how our monasteries came to produce some of the most precious and revered illuminated manuscripts in the world. See the imaginings of ancient artists that live on in the stunning megalithic art at Loughcrew and Knowth. Marvel at the work of medieval craftsmen that stands still in stone.

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Chamber at Knowth

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