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Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery Highlights (4)

  1. A Neolithic Nerve Centre

    A Neolithic Nerve Centre

    Come and see the largest cemetery of megalithic tombs in Ireland. Find out why Carrowmore was considered one of the most sacred places in Neolithic Europe. Marvel at the skill of the people who built monuments that have stood for over five millennia and discover how the latest research is changing how we think of our prehistoric ancestors.

  2. Myth and Legend

    Myth and Legend

    Hear some of the myths and legends associated with the area. See the tomb of Queen Maeve at the top of Knocknarea and find out how in legend the landscape was shaped by the giant, aged and fearsome Cailleach Bhéara.

  3. Capstone Carvings

    Capstone Carvings

    The passage tomb of Listoghil is the central monument at Carrowmore. At what would have been the centre of the cairn, six upright stones support a massive roof-slab. Inspect the capstone in the right light and you might just make out some elusive prehistoric carvings.

  4. Sunrise at Samhain

    Sunrise at Samhain

    During the festival of Samhain, the sun rises above a distinctive natural ‘saddle’ feature in the Ballygawley Mountains, directly in line with the direction of the chamber of Listoghil at Carrowmore. At the moment of sunrise, the underside of the tilted roof of the chamber is aflame with deep orange sunlight. A pointed stone at the front of the chamber casts a long shadow along the centre of the slab. As the sun continues on its course, this shadow proceeds across the belly of the roof-slab, shortening all the while, until it is finally blocked by the shadow of the walls.

    Join us at sunrise on 31 October to celebrate this extraordinary event. Watch in awe as the mystic genius of prehistory pours into our modern world.

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