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Heritage Ireland

Casino Marino Highlights (3)

  1. A Guided History

    A Guided History

    Enjoy a tour led by our professional and friendly guides. Discover the long and fascinating history of this unique building. Find out about its origins as a pleasure-house for James Caulfeild, first earl of Charlemont, set in the panoramic landscape which included his home, Marino House, in what was then the rural hinterland of Dublin city.

  2. Architectural Secrets

    Architectural Secrets

    Be amazed by this architectural masterpiece, which has all sorts of secret plans and clever tricks incorporated into its ingenious design. Discover how what appears to be a one-roomed building actually contains 16 separate rooms on three floors. Learn about the optical illusions that make this ‘little house’ one of Dublin’s hidden gems as well as one of Europe’s finest neo-classical temples.

  3. A Role in the Revolution

    A Role in the Revolution

    Find out about this building’s importance to the momentous events of Irish history. For example, learn how Irish revolutionaries, including Michael Collins, used the secret tunnels at the Casino as a shooting range in the turbulent 1920s.

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