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Céide Fields Neolithic Site and Visitor Centre Highlights (3)

  1. Travel Back in Time

    Travel Back in Time

    Let our excellent guides transport you through millennia as they tell the story of the globe’s most extensive Stone Age monument. Hear about the oldest-known fossilised farmland in the entire world. Try probing the bog to locate a Neolithic stone wall two metres beneath your feet. And don’t forget that new discoveries are being made here all the time. Be among the first to hear about findings at the leading edge of archaeological science.

  2. The Ocean View

    The Ocean View

    Test your head for heights on our cliff-edge platform, 110 metres above the ocean. Look out at the wide Atlantic or behind you, towards some of the most dramatic rock formations in Ireland. Either way, the view is amazing. If the weather proves too challenging for outdoor viewing, admire the ever-changing seascape from our glass rooftop instead.

  3. A Unique Ecosystem

    A Unique Ecosystem

    The natural blanket boglands of Céide Fields have an ecological character all of their own. Investigate the area’s unique vegetation and wildlife for yourself. The hare, the frog and even the elusive lizard are some of the animals that have made a home amid this ancient field system. See if you can spot them, while listening for the skylark above. Look closely at the varied vegetation of mosses, heathers, lichens and grasses. Whatever the time of year there is something different, from the tiny blue and pink milkworts in spring, white wavy bog cotton and purple orchids in early summer, through the insect – eating sundews and orange asphodels in summer and on to the purple heathers in late summer and the copper and gold of the autumnal sedges.

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