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Charles Fort Military Fortress Highlights (5)

  1. A Spectacular Setting

    A Spectacular Setting

    The waterside location of Charles Fort is, without question, captivating. The ramparts and walks of the magnificent fortress provide for leisurely strolls – a great way to view the picturesque town of Kinsale and enjoy the fantastic scenery out to sea.

  2. Architectural Splendour

    Architectural Splendour

    Revel in the architectural magnificence of this star-shaped fortification, inspired by the French military engineer Vauban. Bastions, barracks, turrets and moats will transport you back to the seventeenth century, an era rocked by warfare and siege.

  3. History of Conquest

    History of Conquest

    Walk in the footsteps of the great military commanders associated with Charles Fort. Learn about the Williamite War and the bloody turbulence of 1690. Find out how, John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough, laid siege to Charles Fort from high ground; and how the garrison held out for 13 days before finally surrendering to the Williamite forces.

  4. A Soldier’s Life

    A Soldier’s Life

    Charles Fort was a British Army barracks for 200 years. Visit our state-of-the-art multimedia exhibition centre and learn about the harsh realities of life in Charles Fort for the enlisted soldier.  Find out about the day-to-day routines in the married soldier’s quarters and discover the austere experience of those who devoted their lives to duty and discipline.

  5. Love and Tragedy

    Love and Tragedy

    Listen to the haunting legend of the White Lady of Charles Fort, who is said to have hurled herself from the parapets on her wedding night after her new husband, Sir Trevor Ashurst, was shot dead for falling asleep at his watch post.

    The White Lady is reputed to walk the battlements of Charles Fort with the train of her ghostly wedding dress floating eerily behind her. Could you be the next person to catch a glimpse of her?

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