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Donegal Castle Highlights (5)

  1. The Medieval Experience

    The Medieval Experience

    Donegal Castle was the personal stronghold of Red Hugh O’Donnell, lord of Tír Conaill. Visit the restored tower house and discover how the O’Donnell clan, one of the most powerful Gaelic families in the land, once lived.

  2. Search for Treasure

    Search for Treasure

    There is lots for children to do at Donegal Castle. Our engrossing pictorial treasure trails will provide hours of fun for your little explorers – and they’re sure to learn lots along the way.

  3. Take a Guided Tour

    Take a Guided Tour

    Let our fantastic guides take you through the history of this great castle, from the time of the Gaelic lords through the plantation and long years of ruin, right up to the recent restoration that has brought this magnificent building back to its original glory.

  4. Unearth Your Ancestry

    Unearth Your Ancestry

    Are you descended from nobles or ne’er-do-wells? Viscounts or vagabonds? Our guides have a goldmine of genealogical information about the area at their fingertips. Let us make your research journey that little bit easier and help you delve into the details of your family’s past.

  5. Peruse the Panels

    Peruse the Panels

    A suite of engaging exhibition panels outlines the history of the castle and the area, including the nearby Franciscan friary, where Brother Mícheál Ó Cléirigh lived while he worked on the Annals of the Four Masters, one of Ireland’s most significant historical documents.

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