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Ilnacullin – Garinish Island Highlights (4)

  1. Fabulous Gardens

    Fabulous Gardens

    Explore the stunning planting in our walled garden. The area enjoys a mild and humid micro-climate that makes for spectacular and flourishing plant life all year round. Marvel at the marble sarcophagus of Roman origin and relax amid the beauty of the Italian garden with its teahouse or ‘casita’ of Bath stone.

  2. Enjoy the Tour

    Enjoy the Tour

    Take a guided tour of Bryce House and find out about the extraordinary partnership that made this world-renowned garden possible. Learn about Annan Bryce, the island’s owner, and architect Harold Peto, the visionaries who created this idyllic oasis.

  3. Visit the Martello Tower

    Visit the Martello Tower

    Enter the Martello tower constructed in 1805 at the island’s highest point. Of the vertical-walled type particular to County Cork, the tower was originally a defence against a feared Napoleonic invasion; later, the island’s owner Annan Bryce intended to make it into a music room. Nowadays it’s open to visitors and offers fine views over Bantry Bay.

  4. A Spectacular Viewpoint

    A Spectacular Viewpoint

    Walk up to the viewing point and take in a panoramic vista of the island’s finest features. If you’re particularly lucky you might be graced with a rare experience – the sight of the white-tailed eagle in flight. The pair of majestic eagles resident on Garinish Island belong to a species formerly extinct in Ireland. They are part of an exciting scheme to bring this beautiful bird back to its erstwhile habitat and allow it to flourish once again.

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