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Ormond Castle Highlights (5)

  1. The Long Gallery

    The Long Gallery

    The Long Gallery at Ormond Castle is a must see. Measuring a massive 33 metres in length, this is one the earliest and finest examples of a long gallery in Ireland. It is rightly famous for its historically important decorative plasterwork, featuring portrait busts of Queen Elizabeth I and King Edward VI as well as symbols associated with England and The Tudors. No other decorative plasterwork scheme in the country displays such sophistication.

  2. Treasures of the Castle

    Treasures of the Castle

    Make sure you take time to admire the paintings and tapestries hanging on the walls, but don’t forget about the magnificent pieces of period furniture in each room. These include an oak bed dating from 1606 and a Queen Anne period cradle.

  3. The Exhibition Room

    The Exhibition Room

    Check out our two state-of-the-art interactive books, which tell the fascinating story of the castle, its inhabitants and the restoration work carried out by the Office of Public Works in a new and exciting way. There is a model that draws on the most recent research to show how Ormond Castle looked at the height of its development and a newly woven tapestry depicting scenes from a Tudor household.

  4. Guided Tours

    Guided Tours

    Discover stories of conquest, power, royalty and rebellion as our enthusiastic guides lead you through Ireland’s finest Elizabethan manor. The tour, departing at regular intervals throughout the day, gives a fantastic insight into the Butlers of Ormond, one of Ireland’s principal noble families for over 500 years. The tour includes the parlour, the new dining chamber, the Long Gallery, the earl’s chamber, the east tower and the attic. Marvel at the ornate plasterwork, the fine period furniture and the amazing restoration work. By the end of the 40-minute tour you will agree that Ormond Castle is truly one of Ireland’s hidden gems.

  5. Award-Winning Animated Audiovisuals

    Award-Winning Animated Audiovisuals

    Our two seven-minute audiovisual presentations bring to life the human drama at the heart of the story of Ormond Castle. They contrast the viewpoint of Black Tom, 10th Earl of Ormond, with that of this English wife, Elizabeth Berkeley. Inspired by John Derrick’s Image of Irelande, the story features characters like Anne Boleyn, Queen Elizabeth I, Sir Henry Sidney, Pope Gregory XIII and the FitzGeralds of Desmond. Subtitles are available in Irish, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.

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