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Pearse Museum – St. Enda’s Park Highlights (5)

  1. Take a tour of the home and school of Patrick and William Pearse, two of the leaders of the 1916 Rising and find out about their lives and the lives of their pupils.

  2. Visit our museum and see the original manuscript of Pearse’s O’Donovan Rossa Oration, the last cups and saucers Patrick and William Pearse drank from before going to fight in the 1916 Rising and other historic treasures.

  3. Explore the wild and romantic grounds of St. Enda’s which are home to all kinds of plants, animals and birds and then find out more about the natural world in our Nature Room.

  4. Let us show you the mysterious hermit’s cave, Emmet’s Fort and the other unusual St. Enda’s follies.

  5. Download our Soundwalk and listen to the sounds of St. Enda’s past as you wander around the historic park  –

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