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While we can't welcome you to all of our scary sites this Halloween we have a host of gruesome, ghastly goings-on which you can enjoy online if you dare.

Haunted Halloween

Halloween at the National Botanic Gardens

We’ve been secretly filming the witches at the National Botanic Gardens as they prepare for Halloween. Find out all about potion plants and other magical plants!

Magical Plants

Potion Plants

Pumpkin Decorating Competition
For many years we have run the very popular Pumpkin Decorating Competition for Halloween at the National Botanic Gardens. Sadly, this year we cannot hold the exhibition in the gardens but we can hold an online competition and even more people can enter, so wherever you live in the country, or the world, you can enter this amazing competition. Photographs of the winning entries will be posted in a virtual exhibition on
This year we are making an exception to our usual no carve rule, NOW, if you prefer you actually CAN CARVE your pumpkin if you choose to. (But Be Warned carved pumpkins don’t last very long!)
So get creative, we want to see your scariest, funniest, spookiest, wildest, most inventive pumpkins ever. Pictured are some examples from previous years for inspiration.
For details on how to enter go the National Botanic Gardens Facebook
Good luck!

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