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Heritage Ireland

Castletown House and Parklands Highlights (5)

  1. Ireland’s Finest Country House

    Ireland’s Finest Country House

    Take a guided tour of Ireland’s first and finest country house built in the Palladian style.

  2. Award Winning Parklands

    Award Winning Parklands

    Enjoy a walk through our award winning parklands and soak up the tranquillity of the Pleasure Gardens.


  3. Events


    Participate in one of our many musical events, markets, theatre or workshops.

  4. Opulent Interiors

    Opulent Interiors

    Marvel at some of Ireland’s most opulent interiors, with stunning plasterwork and an exquisite collection of Irish and European decorative arts.

  5. Feel the Weight of History

    Feel the Weight of History

    Feel the weight of history within the rooms once occupied by characters such as William Conolly, the wealthiest man in Ireland, and Speaker of the Irish House of Commons, and the indomitable Lady Louisa, star of Stella Tilyards’ ‘The Aristocrats’.

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