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Listowel Castle Highlights (4)

  1. Terrific Tours

    Terrific Tours

    The experienced and welcoming OPW guides at Listowel Castle offer free guided tours to all visitors. Let them regale you with tales of the castle’s history. For example, find out about the siege of the castle that took place during the Nine Years War in November 1600. Learn how a force of just 18 Irish rebels held the castle for 28 days against an attacking army of 300 English soldiers before finally surrendering. We will also be delighted to answer any queries that you have about the site.

  2. A Taste of Medieval Life

    A Taste of Medieval Life

    Climb the castle’s treacherous medieval stairs – but do it carefully! Explore the rooms at the top castle to gain a fascinating insight into what life was like for the lords of Kerry, as well as for their servants and the soldiers who lived in the castle.

  3. Thomas the Ape

    Thomas the Ape

    Look out for the stone face of Tomás an Ápa (Thomas the Ape). This grim gargoyle, carved high on the northern side of the castle’s wall, is said to represent one of the local Norman lords, Thomas FitzGerald.

  4. A Breathtaking Panorama

    A Breathtaking Panorama

    Venture to the top of the castle’s external staircase and you’ll be rewarded with one of the best panoramic views in Listowel town, taking in Listowel Racecourse and the majestic River Feale.

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