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Biodiversity Week Tour: Lichens, Mosses and the Dawn of Green Life at National Botanic Gardens Glasnevin



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2:00 pm


National Botanic Garden of Ireland – Glasnevin

We live in a world of green plants, and during Biodiversity Week, we are surrounded by fresh leaves and blooming flowers . But what of the smaller growing things, the often-forgotten algae, lichens and mosses which grew upon the earth before a tree or flower ever raised their heads, and which still survive today in the harshest environments? Join us at the Gardens this early spring before leaves clothe the trees, to examine the intricate beauty of mosses and lichens, hear fascinating stories of these ancient forms of life, and learn how they have helped shape the very fabric of the world we live in.

Note: To better see this tour's small flora, bring along a hand lens, magnifying glass or even a magnifier app on your phone!

Wednesday 18th May 2pm

€5 per person

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Dublin 9
D09 VY63

01 857 0909

Getting Here

3.5 km north from centre of Dublin, Botanic Road, Glasnevin.

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