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‘Siren’ at Portumna Castle Gallery -June 2023


Free of charge


The exhibition opens Wednesday 31/05/2023 at 2pm and finishes on 30/06/2023.
Open 7 days, 10am to 5.15pm.


Portumna Castle and Gardens

Exhibition space in the Courtyard building

Portumna Castle and Gardens are delighted to announce a new exhibition 'Siren' at Portumna Castle Gallery for the month of June.

The exhibition opens Wednesday 31st May 2pm and finishes on June 30th.

Open 7 days, 10am to 5.15pm.


This is a joint exhibition with multi-media artist Ann Mitchell and Sculptor Caroline Barry. Both artists are interested in exploring different aspects of what it is to be female, particularly the magical aspects of the feminine. The Siren is a mythological sea creature that entices men to their death by singing beautifully. The idea of the Siren has flourished in modern times to mean a dangerous seducer – She is a Siren – and is also used in everyday terms as a word meaning to sound the alarm.

Both Ann and Caroline got ensnared in the beautiful aspects of the Siren, the glamorous, attractive, glittering aspects – they chose a very similar colour pallet, malachite greens, sea blues, tidal purples, azures, and soft rosey tones. They each worked separately, not conferring, just running with the theme of Siren and yet somehow, they both produced work that totally sings and resonates beautifully together.

Both Ann and Caroline would use the term ‘maximalist’ to describe their work. More is beautiful! They both have a baroque sense of colour and enjoy delighting the eye with as much detail as possible.


Co. Galway
H53 YK27

090 974 1658 or 046 9422900

Getting Here

Portumna town – adjacent to Lough Derg, the River Shannon and Portumna Forest Park.

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