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Exhibition: The Ros Tapestry, A Tale Told in Thread


Free of charge


06/08/2023 - 01/09/2024


Kilkenny Castle

The Ros Tapestry exhibition has drawn in thread the story of the Normans, their arrival in the Southeast of Ireland and the consequent development of the dynamic port of Ros.

The Ros Tapestry immortalises the cultural legacy of Leinster, including everything from the initiation of a Celtic King to Hiberno-Norman commerce. The first tapestry was completed in 2002 and to date 14 of the 15 tapestries are finished. The final one is being stitched in Kilkenny and is nearing completion.

Everyone can now see this amazing exhibition, which is a fantastic legacy for the country, combining as it does wonderful art, admirable craftsmanship, and a multitude of fascinating stories. Admission to the Ros Tapestry Exhibition only is free of charge. Complimentary admission is available on site during Kilkenny Castle normal opening hours.


The Parade
Kilkenny City
R95 YRK1

046 942 3249

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Located in Kilkenny City

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