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Tree Week Tour: Meet the Conifers – Evergreen Giants of the Ancient World


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2:00 pm


National Botanic Garden of Ireland – Glasnevin

The conifers and their allies have long been overshadowed by their upstart flowering cousins, but these ancient plants still flourish as some of the largest and oldest of all living things. Meet living fossils and lethal killers, giants of fire and ice, and the plants that fed the dinosaurs. From the mysteries of the taiga forest, the greatest and coldest of earth’s land ecosystems, to the seasonal decorations that grace our homes, conifers are part of all our lives in ways we may not even realise.

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Dublin 9
D09 VY63

01 857 0909

Getting Here

3.5 km north from centre of Dublin, Botanic Road, Glasnevin.

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