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Parke’s Castle Highlights (7)

  1. The Visitor Centre

    The Visitor Centre

    A warm welcome awaits you in the Visitor Centre. Begin your visit here and find out all there is to see and do. Admire the left-handed spiral staircase made of Irish oak. Don’t forget to call in again before you leave – our guides will provide you with maps and information so you can continue to explore what the region has to offer.

  2. Take a Guided Tour

    Take a Guided Tour

    Learn all about the history of the O’Rourke and Parke families and what life was like in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Explore the many exhibits inside the castle walls. Take a stroll around the garden or see where people once steamed up in the sweathouse.

  3. Audiovisual Magic

    Audiovisual Magic

    Sit and watch our short film, Stone by Stone, on the history and heritage of the region. Listen to the voice of W.B. Yeats reciting his poem ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’ and allow his poetry to introduce you to the beauty of Lough Gill and its surrounding area.

  4. Bold Battlements

    Bold Battlements

    Stand on the castle wall walk, look out over the battlements and let your imagination run wild. Imagine yourself as a seventeenth-century lady or lord, living in the castle and enjoying the beautiful views of Lough Gill. Maybe you could imagine yourself as a poet like Yeats and take inspiration from the landscape.

    Wherever your imagination takes you, take a moment and follow it!

  5. Absorbing Exhibition

    Absorbing Exhibition

    Have you ever heard of the Strawboys? Find out about them and much more besides as you explore the wonderful exhibition of vernacular buildings of the north-west region. Learn all about life and the local traditions associated with a traditional Irish cottage of the 1900s.

  6. The Picture Find

    The Picture Find

    Our picture find activity is great fun for children of all ages. Watch their excitement as they explore the castle, learning all about its history on the way!

  7. Heritage Week

    Heritage Week

    Enjoy the many interesting and varied events we host during Heritage Week. Relax and enjoy the sound of traditional music and harp recitals in the beautiful, quiet and atmospheric Banqueting Hall. Join in one of our workshops, talks or children’s events. Bring along a picnic and relax with friends and family in the garden overlooking the lake. You never know who you might meet!

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