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Scattery Island Centre

In the footsteps of St Senan

Closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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Scattery Island Centre

In the footsteps of St Senan

Closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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Site Closed

Site closed due to Government Restrictions.


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Co. Clare

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Scattery Island Centre

Off the northern bank of the Shannon Estuary lies Scattery Island, the site of an early Christian settlement founded by an extraordinary man.

St Senan, who was born in the area, built his monastery in the early sixth century. It included a mighty round tower, which at 36 metres is one of the tallest in Ireland.

There are six ruined churches on the site too. The Church of the Hill stands on a high spot, the very place where, legend has it, an angel placed Senan so that he could find – and then banish – the terrible sea-monster called the Cathach. It is believed that Senan is buried beside another of the medieval churches.

Scattery was invaded many times over the centuries. The Vikings in particular believed that the monastery held many riches and returned several times to ravage it.

A short boat trip will take you to the island, where you can explore its multi-layered, 1,500-year history.


Please note that access to the island is dependent on tidal/weather conditions.

Visitors to Scattery Island are asked to help avoid the spread of RHD, Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease, on Scattery Island. RHD is not dangerous to humans but can prove fatal to rabbits and hares. Anybody who plans to visit the island should be aware that footbaths placed at various locations are to be used for the disinfection of footwear and should be used by everyone both on landing and leaving the island. Visitors are reminded to wear suitable footwear for disinfecting. Your co-operation is very much appreciated.


Co. Clare

087 995 8427

Getting Here

2.5km boat trip from Kilrush Marina – scatteryislandtours.com

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Social Guide

Download, print and read our social guide (PDF) about visiting Scattery Island Centre. This will help first-time visitors, families and people with developmental and learning disabilities to prepare for a visit to Scattery Island Centre.

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